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Professional 88 Items Electronics Computer Components Set Programming Accessories Parts for Student





Package Include: 5x yellow LED, 5x green LED, 5x red LED, 1x 40-pin header, 1x RGB LED, 2x photo, 10x Male to Male Cable, 40x (1 type), 6x push button switch, 1x potentiometer (10K), 1x , 1x passive , 1x , 1x 1-digit 8-digit display, 1x water level detection sensor module, 1x Sound Sensor Module, 1x sensor, 1x Obstacle Avoidance Module, 1x USB cable, 1x box, 1x board 830 , 1x piece for .
Perfect for beginner: This is a starter for the most users and utilities. A of the most common and useful electronic components
Complete starter for .
All the modules are easy to operation.
Suitable for experimental accessories.


Material: Electronics + Metal
Fit for

Size Chart:

Box Size: 18×8.6×4.5cm/7.09×3.39×1.77inch